Excess fat on the stomach, buttocks or thighs? Use a slimming diet massage for greater and faster success …

What is sliming massage?

Sliming massage is a treatment that dissolve accumulated fat.

For this treatments is used a cocktail of three products:

Concentrate heating – to increase circulation and open pores.
Sliming balsam – the first lipolysis and dilution of methyl
Sudacream / paraffin -Who do closes process and keeps active COMPONENTS deep in subcutaneous fat.

Act as sliming massages?

Sliming treatment massage acts in a way that the active ingredients will turn fat into fati acids which flooring will be removed from the body through urine.

How long will treatment take?

The treatment lasts 30 minutes.

Is that massage painful?

Massage at the beginning is a little painful, but with treatment it is painless.

How many treatments are needed?

Often massage combined with other treatments, but a series of 10 treatments are recommended. Also for complete results and reducing the volume is recommended reduced and controlled diet or exercise.