Mesotherapy is a French method, used for the deep insertion of active ingredients directly into the skin. In the esthetics, this method is used to improve the quality of skin and beauty.

This treatment is done through Mezogun – precise tool with which we apply previously prepared cocktails i.e. directly into the skin. This is the way we apply cocktails for rejuvenation, refreshment, or simulative tightening on the skin.

With the help of mesotherapy, we successfully cure hair loss or enhancing the hair root and improve the quality of hair, vitiligo, age spots and pigmentation…

Mesotherapy except Mezogun can be done by using the Derma Roller, this tool make micro punctures to the skin with skin mechanically irritate and stimulate the self-regeneration. In this situation cocktails are not applied directly to the skin, but on the external surface of the skin and the skin absorb them by itself.

Derma Belle for mesotherapy cocktails uses the skin Cosmetic by Spanish brand. The company with its brand is a leader in the manufacture of cocktails for mesotherapy in the world, and it is recognized and appreciated in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Dr. Verna Gjorgjieska is the first doctor to this region who introduced the method of practice mesotherapy for aesthetic purposes.