Welcome to the first and only center for medical aesthetics and cosmetics in Macedonia.

Derma Bella is the only center in Macedonia that joins medicine and cosmetics. Anti Aging medicine is new, young branch of medicine, it is a complex science that we present and apply to our clients.

Specific approach and work makes us recognizable to customers. We consistently implement the latest findings from the world Anti aging scientific congresses and meetings in our therapies.

Our success is due to the great devotion, love and continuing education of all staff.

Our Vision

Our vision is to evoke happy, satisfied and smiling faces!

— Frosina
  • Why Derma Bella?

    Our team is our biggest asset. Our most powerful weapons are the knowledge, competence and professionalism.

    The mixture of a doctor, pharmacist and beautician is unique and unrepeatable. It allows us to provide complete care for our customers. Full recommendation for treatments and home care.

  • What are our strengths?

    Cosmetics (traditional cleansing face treatment for skin, hair removal, pedicures, massage ..), medical aesthetics, Anti Aging, lasers and advice for home care, all in one place.

    Derma Bella in all cosmetic treatments performed with French professional cosmetics COLLIN Paris. Utensils and tools used to work exclusively for one use only, enabling superior hygiene and safety for the client.

    Top hygiene, service and safety!

  • Experience and expertise

    Many years of experience in the cosmetics allows us to recognize and to provide the best for our customers. Dr. Vesna Gjorgjieska is the first doctor in Macedonia, and between the first 5 doctors in the Balkans that began application of hyaluronic fillers to fill the lips and wrinkles, laser treatments for permanent remove of fibers and capillaries, laser rejuvenation and removal of pigmented spots on face and body. Dr. Gjorgjieska also is the first doctor in this region, which introduced mesoterapy as a method that successfully treat various skin problems of the face and body, such as hair loss, vitilgo, rejuvenation, removal of pigmentation, cellulite lipolysis. Derma Bella has its own department for training for mesotherapy, chemical peeling and cosmetics COLLIN Paris.


  • European standards and more

    Derma Bella work exclusively on European and world standards in the field of aesthetics, it provides service quality.

Company History

Studio Bellezza was founded in 1993 in Prilep, by Dr. Vesna Gjorgjieska. It is the first beauty salon in Prilep which was created by world standards. From the outset the studio operates exclusively with highly professional and world-famous brands in cosmetics as: Centella France, RVB Italy, COLLIN Paris France.

In 2000, was licensed studio Bellezza by Institute COLLIN Paris.

That same year the studio expanded and moved to a new location ul. Gotse Delchev no.42 Prilep. In 2008 studio Bellezza expands and grows into Bella Derma Aesthetics and Medical Laser Center, located in Skopje us. Kapishtec.

In 2005 Dr. Vesna Gjorgjieska was chosen between 10 best female managers in R. Macedonia.

Both centers are highly specialized with professional staff, who are constantly upgrading their knowledge, visiting the world’s seminars and training on news and trends in cosmetology and medical aesthetics.