This treatment is most sophisticated way to clean the skin. The world has been popular in the last 2 years, particularly in Russia, this treatment has gained immense popularity and almost completely replaces classic – conventional way of cleaning the skin with steam and mechanical extraction of the dirtiness and excess serum from the skin.

This type of treatment is offered exclusively from Israel company – Holyland Labs from 1984.

Treatment is completely painless, unique and irreplaceable with any other treatment for cleansing!

After treatment the skin is clean, fresh, enlightened and shiny, with absolutely no signs of redness !!!

This treatment we do exclusively with cosmetologist or beautician who owns Certificate for the Holyland Laboratories, which receives completed training at some of the clinics say educational centers of Holyland Labs.

For all skin types, with separate line and care for pregnant women! It consists of 11 steps and lasts 2 hours. Neither of these steps was allowed to miss or sequence to replace.

Cleansing- use a special soap that removes fat from the skin surface. It has anti irritant, antiseptic, local antiseptic activity.

Heating – without the use of steam

Exfoliation – mechanical peeling that removes dead skin cells

Opening pores and preparing the skin for the next phases of cleaning

Deep cleaning – a special product that deep cleans pores

Impolitic – Who softens the skin and removes comedowns

Fermentative exfoliate with lacto bacteria (used in cultivar of cheese or yogurt) – Intensive nourishing and regeneration of the skin, moist skin.

Aloe Gel – soothes and nourishes the skin

Closing the pores with specijalana mask


Final cream and massage

The treatment is especially recommended for those who have skin redness, capillaries, and sensitive skin is regarded as the only treatment option for cleaning the skin in these cases.

The treatment is recommended 1 / month.