Most efficient method for removing unwanted hair is laser method. With laser fibers they are removed permanently and painlessly.

Laser probe releases infrared light pulses, it heats the hair root and destroys. The laser light passes through the middle part of the skin and is absorbed in the pigment – melanin. In this way the heating of the hair root is accelerating, it leads to its destruction. Laser light lasts long enough to destroy the fiber. Sure, the head of the laser has active cooling which in turn protects the skin from damage and stays anguish.

The fibers must not be waxed 4-6 weeks before the laser treatment. Perfect skin for this treatment is fair skin with dark fiber which avoids the laser beam to be attracted by the pigment of the skin.

White and light fibers respond poorly to laser beam because pigment- contains melanin.

Usually they need 3-5 treatments, made at a period of time. Twisted fibers after treatment gradually fall from the skin in the next 10 days.

This treatment can treat all parts of the skin of the face and body, except around the eyes.

Derma Bella uses the latest laser hair removal and Lumenis LightSheer.